Sky Drone, China Mobile cooperation targets enhanced 5G connectivity for drones

Drone communications specialist Sky Drone and China Mobile Hong Kong have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster 5G connectivity of drones within the scope of China Mobile’s unique 5G Innovation Center.

According to a Sky Drone press release, Hong Kong-based China Mobile HK (CMHK) set up the 5G Innovation Center as a cross-industrial platform supporting the evolution from 4G towards 5G globally as well as a regional laboratory in Hong Kong. Sky Drone joins the Hong Kong regional laboratory to cooperate with CMHK and contribute to the evolution path from 4G towards 5G.

“5G is a game-changer in the world of connected drones. Our record breaking low latency with 4G connected drones will be lifted to a new level by using 5G. Coupled with higher bandwidth and a virtually unlimited range, truly autonomous drones are at the brink of mass market adoption.” said Boris Boege, CEO of Sky Drone.

Sky Drone specializes in drone connectivity technology and 4G/LTE connection devices for drones. Its recent partnership with Germany’s Droniq (joint venture of German Air Traffic control and Deutsche Telekom) supports connected drones in the public airspace, especially when they are flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Upgrading that connectivity technology to 5G brings new possibilities to the world of connected drones.

Together CMHK and Sky Drone already promote 5G drone solutions to government agencies and large corporations who require drone deployments that perform tasks autonomously. This includes infrastructure monitoring, surveillance, cargo / delivery coupled with real-time artificial intelligence (AI) analysis of the data collected. New 5G deployments are subsidised by the Hong Kong government and are therefore in high demand all across the territory. International deployments on 4G/LTE as well as 5G networks are possible as well.

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