SkeyDrone starts roll-out of pre-U-space surveillance network with Port of Antwerp

Belgian U-space company SkyDrone has started the roll-out of a pre-U-space surveillance network together with Port of Antwerp-Bruges designed to provide drone operators with a complete and reliable aerial image. The development is part of the SESAR SAFIR-Med research project which features demonstrations in the cities of Antwerp, Aachen and Heerlen to apply U-space services to support unmanned platforms. SkyDrone says flying a drone beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) without being able to see which aircraft are nearby is the equivalent to a kamikaze operation.

With the increasing number unmanned aerial vehicles up in the sky, one of the most important risk mitigating services in the future U-space will be the Traffic Information Service. Using a U-Space Surveillance Network a as tactical mitigation guarantees a much safer framework than requesting a traffic situational awareness alert. In this way, the pilot in command can detect other manned and unmanned aircraft and receives a warning in case of a possible collision.

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