AMU-LED Rotterdam demo integrates manned and unmanned vehicles

The SESAR AMU-LED research project has completed several demonstrations in the Port of Rotterdam to test different scenarios simultaneously. Involving multiple manned and unmanned vehicles during an incident shows the importance of U-Space.

AMU-LED demonstrated the role played by U-space during the following use cases:

  • Delivery drone
  • Inspection flight
  • Surveillance drone
  • Medical air assistance

The demonstration showed how the different use cases remained separated while giving priority to emergency flights. Manned aviation can also manoeuvre safely in U-space airspace.

AMU-LED is developing a concept of operations and definition of urban air missions supported by simulations and a large real flight demonstration campaign to verify and validate the concepts. The project allows UAM stakeholders to specify various use cases applicable to logistics and urban transport of passengers, to design or integrate UAM environment, to test the UAS ground and airborne platforms and finally, to assess safety, security, sustainability and public acceptance.

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