Paris 2023: General Automics selects ScioTeq to support detect and avoid programme

As General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc (GA-ASI) continues towards its development goal of earning Technical Standard Order (TSO) authorization from the FAA for its internally developed Detect and Avoid (DAA) system, the company has selected Belgium-based ScioTeq to supply a certified processor and display for its DAA solution. ScioTeq is a proven avionics supplier that was identified as a possible strategic partner at GA-ASI’s Blue Magic Belgium event in 2020.

Earning FAA certification for its DAA system will help GA-ASI’s unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) achieve authorization to operate in non-segregated airspace, which will provide greater access for GA-ASI customers to conduct both military and civil missions. Certification of GA-ASI’s DAA capability is an important milestone for its new MQ-9B certifiable UAS. MQ-9B is designed to integrate safely and operate seamlessly in civil airspace, and the aircraft is fitted for the DAA system, says the press release.

The partnership will introduce a new generation of visualization computing by incorporating ScioTeq’s certified Next-Gen PU-5200 Avionics Display Computer platform and Projected CAPacitive (PCAP) touch-based Rugged Display Unit RDU-4047 into GA-ASI’s Ground Control Station. ScioTeq’s unique MOSArt software platform facilitates the integration of GA-ASI’s DAA application on the ScioTeq hardware.

GA-ASI is striving to obtain the first ever TSO-C211/212 authorization by the end of 2025 using the latest guidance published in RTCA/DO-365/366, Minimum Operational Performance Standards for Detect and Avoid Systems.

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