French Navy carries out live tests of high energy laser weapon designed to combat drones

The French defence ministry has reported completion of live tests using the High Energy Laser with Multiple Applications – Power (HELMA-P) aboard the Navy’s Horizon-class air defense frigate, Forbin (D620) according to defence reports.

The test was conducted between June 12-14 in the Mediterranean sea by the Directorate General for Armaments (DGA), the French Navy and the CILAS company.

The ministry said it evaluated the weapon ‘successfully’ on land in 2020 and 2021. “The HELMA-P system has (now) also proven efficient and precise to neutralize hostile drones at sea. These tests open the door continued development of the prototype with a view to its eventual integration into the Navy buildings,” the MOD stated.

HELMA-P is a laser-based system designed for combating drones. It is designed to discharge energy onto stationary or moving targets, which can result in a variety of outcomes, including: impairing optical sensors by overloading them, causing malfunctions due to overheating, warping, perforating, cutting, or even igniting the target.

These tests are part of the DGA-led Anti-Drone Program (LAD), which aims to produce a prototype laser weapon from the HELMA-P demonstrator.

(Image: HELMA-P laser weapon, French Navy)

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