Malaysian drone insurance company VStream Revolution joins Drone Logistics Ecosystem

Malaysian drone insurance company VStream Revolution is the latest company to join Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE), established to support the drone delivery industry. DLE is a free-of-charge network of companies, universities, public and government entities working in the drone logistics industry.

VStream Revolution was invited by the Malaysian government to support emergency flood relief efforts by mobilising drones for aerial surveillance and monitoring. In addition, the company is working with AirGo Design on a risk assessment programme for AirGo’s standardised/smart DroneBox cargo delivery containers.

VStream CEO Saravanan Chettiar said: “The Drone Cargo Delivery involves EVLOS & BVLOS operations with complex and high-risk operations. Our Consultancy Service includes the preparation of CONOPS, SORA that meets CAAM requirements for EVLOS and BVLOS operation. On Mitigating the risk, the All-Risk Drone Insurance secure the Drone and its Cargo, the Public Liability Insurance secure the operation. We strongly believe, our partnership with AirGo and DLE will add value to create a holistic Drone Delivery Ecosystem”

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