Drone Shield estimates counter drone market worth a potential USD10 billion in protection measures

The counter drone sector is a rapidly growing market with over USD10 billion potential, despite not existing 10 years ago, says a report by counter drone specialist Drone Shield. A summary published by the company shares the key composition elements of the counter drone market.

Drone Shield identifies over a dozen markets where counter drone technology is applicable. These include the following:

  • Military vehicles and ships, especially those that represent high value targets for drone attacks;
  • Portable military equipment, where members will be outfitted with drone detection and defeat products to protect fellow warfighters;
  • Helicopters, which present high value targets for drone attacks;
  • Military installations presenting a target for nefarious drone activity;
  • Government fixed sites such as embassies, consulates and permanent missions;
  • Law enforcement and border protection installations including protection for large events or VIPs;
  • Security protection for VIPs, albeit a smaller market segment;
  • Airports, including over 1,500 international airports worldwide;
  • Stadiums and fixed event sites;
  • Critical infrastructure such as energy production, oil refineries and mining sites which represent significant targets for surveillance or drone attack;
  • Shipping and ports which present easy targets for drone attacks;
  • Correction facilities where contraband is already being delivered by drone;
  • Civilian helicopters and heliports.

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