Los Angeles Airport issues RFIC to industry for vertiport development in three potential sites

“In order to effectively assess the viability of operating Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (EVTOL) Aircraft Operations on Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) property, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is requesting information from the aviation industry on all aspects of these potential operations at LAX,” says the tender.

“The intent of this Request for Industry Comment (RFIC) is to receive information from EVTOL manufacturers, potential operators, vertiport developers, engineering firms, and others to help LAWA assess how these aircraft and any associated infrastructure or equipment would integrate with or conflict with current airport operations and infrastructure. In addition, LAWA wants to gain insight into the feasibility of various locations in and around LAX for take-off and landing of these aircraft, taking into account airspace, logistical, and passenger experience considerations. LAWA also intends to utilize inputs from the RFIC to provide input to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who will be using the information to conduct a feasibility study/airport airspace analysis of potential EVTOL operations at LAX.

“Working with the FAA, LAWA intends to assess the feasibility of EVTOL operations at LAX and will make decisions on whether and/or how to accommodate/facilitate operations based on the following considerations:

  1. Structural Implications to existing facilities
  2. Assessment of electrical infrastructure needs
  3. Any affect to existing flight operations
  4. Fire and life safety considerations
  5. Integration with existing and planned LAX infrastructure
  6. Acoustical signature of aircraft.
  7. Economic analysis/business Case assessment
  8. Scalability and capacity of EVTOL operations
  9. Staffing needs

“LAWA is most directly interested in comments focusing on early-stage operations from 2025-2030 at the airport but will consider information regarding more mature operations after 2030 as well. At this early stage, LAWA has identified three potential areas at LAX where vertiports might be viable.”

The airport plans to hold a pre-proposal meeting on January 30. Deadline for questions is 15 February and responses are due by February 29.

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(Image: the three proposed sites for eVTOL facilities – image, LAX)

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