New zero emissions aviation alliance releases ConOps for electric and hybrid aircraft airspace integration

The Alliance of Zero Emission Aviation (AZEA) – with EUROCONTROL leading the responsible Working Group – has released a Concept of Operations (ConOps) for electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft on the occasion of the 3rd General Assembly. The document addresses the requirements for a future network integrating zero-emission aircraft and is focused on those aircraft that are expected to enter into service in the short and medium term, such as:

  • Electric and hybrid-electric aircraft
  • General aviation
  • Regional Air Mobility / Regional Air Transport market segments.

Key to the future network: not just enabling optimised trajectories, but also ensuring the safety of aircraft operations – with such new types likely to exhibit performance characteristics fundamentally different from conventionally powered aircraft.

Future ConOps iterations will address additional market segments once the programmes and detailed knowledge of the performance characteristics of these new aircraft types mature.

Access the ConOps here

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