Launch and re-entry approvals among FAA Commercial Space Conference topics – Feb 21-22

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is hosting the Commercial Space Conference on 21-22 February 2024 in partnership with the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. This year’s theme is ‘All Systems Go: Safely Launching Commercial Space Transportation to Greater Heights’.

In 2023, commercial space had another record year with 124 FAA-licensed operations, including 117 launches and seven re-entries. “These record numbers are possible due to the growing capabilities of industry and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) working to meet the demand for launch and re-entry license approvals,” said FAA Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation Kelvin Coleman.

The FAA recently issued guidance on complying with requirements for commercial space launch or re-entry license applications. It describes what constitutes a “complete enough” application for the FAA to begin its review. The guidance also clarifies what makes an application “complete” so that an approval or denial determination can be made. It applies to applications for new licenses and for the renewal or modification of current licenses. The FAA is responsible for the safe and efficient integration of space operations into the U.S. airspace system. This includes space operations for FAA-licensed commercial space operators and for NASA, the U.S. military and other federal government agencies.

FAA space airspace integration is detailed here

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