London Defence R&D reveals latest product – an All-in-One Jammer Unit

British manufacturer London Defence R&D – developer of the LD80 anti-drone unit – revealed its most recent product, an All-in-One Jammer Unit, on social media on 19 February.

The device integrates a jammer module, active and passive cooling systems, an RF reflector, a power distribution system, and a precisely directed antenna into a single package, which simply connects to  a 28 V DC power source. It operates in all the frequencies required to jam basic drones: GPS/Glonass (10W); 2.4GHz (10W); 5.8GHz (10W) and addresses significant RF engineering challenges, such as suitable cooling, accurate antenna combinations, and appropriate connection methods. 360° coverage can be provided by a single device operating directionally, or by a configuration of 4-6 units. Operation is also highly efficient and features low heat levels, free from reflections.

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(Image: The All-in-One Jammer Unit offers specific user advantages due to its advanced technology, the company claims. Credit: London Defence R&D)

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