Latvia completes remote drone deliveries using mobile network

A joint effort by Latvian Mobile Telephone (LMT), SPH Engineering and DPD Latvija completed a beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight using the mobile network for the entire route. The drone used a remote ID device prototype made by LMT and relied on UgCS drone missions and route planning software developed by SPH Engineering.

According to the press release, the UgCS route planning makes the drone and flight path available to everyone involved, paving the way for remote UAV flights into airspace without compromising security. The drone pilot in a command centre, flight security observers and anyone else who needs to coordinate BVLOS operations has access to the necessary data via a prototyped site available on computers or smart devices.

The drones delivered gifts to residents in various social care centres in Latvia in December 2020. The seniors received tables from LMT with useful apps to all the elderly to communicate with relatives, follow news and learn new skills online.

Ingmars Pukis, LMT VP said: “Using a UAV to deliver parcels is a great example of how technologies serve people. In cooperation with international partners, LMT is actively working towards promoting safer drone flights BVLOS on mobile networks.”

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