JARUS publishes regulatory categories for UAS operations

The Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) has published the JARUS UAS Operational Categorisation document on the RPAS website to define the level of regulatory involvement for different types of UAS. The document is available at http://jarus-rpas.org/publications.

This categorization approach proposes a risk-based concept for performance-based regulations of UAS operations and is defined in three operational categories: Open, Specific and Certified.

This concept serves as recommendations and it is intended to inform the rulemaking authorities on future regulation of UAS operations and provide a baseline regulatory structure to allow technical and operational work efforts to define and standardize individual components of UAS operations.

The JARUS UAS Operational Categorization document is structured as follows:

  • Section 1 describes the background, purpose, and scope of this document
  • Section 2 describes the UAS operational categorization concept, the considerations and rationale for its use, and introduces the three categories of operation
  • Section 3 describes Category A – Open Operations
  • Section 4 describes Category B – Specific Operations
  • Section 5 describes Category C – Certified Operations

Following several round of JARUS Internal and External consultations, the publication of the new  JARUS UAS Operational Categorization recommendations mark an additional JARUS milestone developed by Working Group 7 (Concept of Operations) with expertise and contributions from many JARUS Member States.

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