SteelRock Technologies expands NightFighter counter-drone family

SteelRock Technologies is exhibiting its man-portable NightFighter Counter-UAV effector systems at DSEI 10-13 September in London. The equipment is designed to mitigate all modes of intrusion by rotary and fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles. The latest models include modular customised configurations to suit military, civilian and commercial security applications. NightFighter L (high antenna gain) and NightFighter S (low gain) variants have been demonstrated to be effective against UAVs at ranges in excess of 5km and 2.5km respectively. NightFighter X is a portable all-in-one solution that can be body-worn for omni-directional personal protection against drone threats. It can also be attached to the NightFighter antenna array for directional deployment.

The equipment has been tested for safe deployment in complex radio frequency (RF) environments and directional RF communications inhibition technology with proprietary software and hardware to bring drone threats to ground rapidly and safely.

SteelRock offers the same field-proven RF technology packaged in an OEM module for third party integration in static land-based, hand-carried, vehicle mounted and maritime C-UAV systems.

At DSEI SteelRock is also showing a pre-production demonstrator of its own SR-1 Dronos  UAV platform with NightFighter X technology integrated to create a ‘drone versus drone’ aerial solution.

(Image: SteelRock Technologies)

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