Japan’s Osaka City invites applications for public/private AAM research

The City of Osaka has launched a grant and subsidy program to foster research and feasibility studies of potential AAM economy business models.

With the city hosting the next world expo in 2025, and a large focus being placed on the application of drone and eVTOL technology, Osaka aims to accelerate its local Air Mobility ecosystem. AAM studies being done in the city will allow the prefecture to bolster its own economy while also establishing itself as a hotbed for innovation.

Drone operator and service provider DroNext is among companies seeking partners, both domestic and international for the programme, releasing some notes on the programme:

1. The city is calling for public & private partnerships or groups to submit applications.

2. Applicant projects should focus on the study of potential AAM business models, vertiport development, locale engagement and site evaluation as well as public engagement and education.

3. Selected applicants can receive up to ¥20,000,000 (USD154,792) for their projects

This program is further evidence of how serious the Japanese government is taking the countries involvement in future AAM systems and markets. A firm position in a next generation industry such as AAM has potential to relieve pressure from a variety of problems facing the country.

The government is also very aware that much work still needs to be done for the industry to reach its lofty potential. The hope is that programs such as this one by Osaka prefecture will slowly but surely start to make progress in addressing the critical holes in this AAM puzzle.

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