Japan records “longest eVTOL flight at sea off the coast of Shiogama City”

Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research of Japan reports completion of the longest autonomous flight at sea with a vertical takeoff and landing, autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (VTOL-UAV) on 24 March 2022. The Asuka drone developed by the institute is mounted on a research vessel for research on new methods of cetacean research, and is used for visual inspection surveys in the oceans of the world including polar regions.

In Sendai Taiwan off the coast of Shiogama City, Asuka completed a 104km autonomous flight, new record in Japan.

By achieving long-distance autonomous flights, it is expected that the accuracy of resource surveys will be further improved by covering shallow waters where research vessels cannot enter, sea areas with a lot of fishing gear, and sea ice areas.

The Asuka Kai 42 has a wing length of 3.2m, and takeoff weight of 23kg.

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