ISO technical committee publishes draft standard for UTM

According to a social media post by EuroUSC Italia, on 24 September Senior Partner Filippo Tomasello has presented the first draft International Standards Organisation (ISO) standard 23629-12 (UAS traffic management (UTM) — Part 12: Requirements for UTM services and service providers).

The Linkedin post read:

“Filippo is Project Leader in ISO for 23629-12 which covers all services in UTM: safety critical, safety related and additional operation support services. The standard also contains requirements for security, privacy and organisation of the service provider. Although an ISO standard is not a regulation, the purpose is to offer authorities, all over the world, an Acceptable Means of Compliance with respective regulations.

“WG 4 unanimously agreed to launch a second round of written consultation for 23629-12, which, using the ISO procedure, would be the “Committee Draft” (CD) phase. During this phase not only WG 4 members will be invited to provide written comments, but all members of TC/20, which are several hundreds scattered around the globe.”

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(Image: ISO)

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