India’s DRDO details specifications for national C-UAS system to industry

Indian news services report that the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has outlined to Indian defence companies the detailed requirements for a national counter-UAS capability defined by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Companies such as Adani Defence Systems, Larsen & Toubro, and Astra Microwave, ICOMM Tele Ltd and Electronics Corporation of India Limited were among those to receive the specifications.

“Using various sensors, the Counter Drone System may detect, track, and identify aerial drones, send the information to linked systems, and enable counter tactics to prevent them from carrying out their intended mission (soft kill) and/or destroy them (hard kill),” according to Business Today. “Drone detection is accomplished using radars and an RF-based detecting technology. The Electro Optic sensor and COMINT are used to identify the object. Soft kills are carried out using RF jamming and anti-GNSS technology, while hard kills are carried out using Laser Directed Energy Weapons. Small Hybrid UAVs, Micro UAV/Multirotor, and Nano UAVs are among the drones that the system can detect, identify, and neutralise.”

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(Image: Defence Aviation Post)

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