Indian border security force favours cost-effective domestic counter drone sector

A report by Indian media outlet NDTV says the Border Security Force (BSF) has neutralised 16 drones so far this year, compared to just one in 2021. The drones are said to carry deadly weapons, ammunition and drugs from Pakistan.

“Drones are a big challenge. Although we have installed an anti-drone set up along the border, we don’t have such a setup which covers the entire western sector. We are in talks with many Indian companies. In the coming days, we may deploy this new technology in many more sensitive areas,” BSF Director General Pankaj Singh told NDTV.

“According to the BSF, most drones flown across the border are made in China and are available in the open market easily,” says NDTV. “Most of them are fabricated, but as drones have inbuilt chips in them, we have been able to retrieve data. In some cases, it gives us their exact flight path,” said Mr Singh. The BSF is increasingly opting for indigenous solutions as foreign technology which was being used for surveillance was too expensive.

“The force insisted on developing its own system. With the help of our team, we developed low-cost technology solutions,” he said. The border force is also using indigenous technology for anti-tunnel detection, detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and border vigilance in dense fog, according to NDTV.

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