GUTMA launches task force on mobile network services for drone operators

The Global UTM Association GUTMA has launched a task force on Mobile Network Services for drone operators. Under the guidance of DroneUp, this endeavour will aim at understanding mobile network (MN) capabilities for VLL (Very Low Level) aerial users and services that drone operators need today and in the future by creating a bridge (service scope) between MNO/MN and drone operators.
To summarize, the Task Force will have the following objectives:

Objective 1: Identify and discuss drone operators’ communication/data exchange needs regarding scalable and profitable drone services and define them with different priorities in the perspective of time (when they are needed) and value (what they are provided).

Objective 2: Identify and discuss the current and future cellular network services that are and might be relevant to drone operations and define them with the priorities in the perspective of time (when they might be enabled) and value (at what costs they might be in service).

Objective 3: Create a cross-function/value matrix between Objective 1 and Objective 2 to identify the most valuable drone operators’ needs and associated Celluar services that help to foster Celluar for the drone market.

The Task Force is set to run for three months, from March to June, with a first weekly and later bi-weekly meeting cadence.

GUTMA members can apply to join the task force here

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