Thaicom selects Thales to establish a UTM roadmap and framework for Thailand

Satellite communications company Thaicom has selected Thales as its uncrewed traffic management (UTM) technology partner to enable deployment of UTM services in Thailand. Thales and Thaicom’s UTM subsidiary will provide “a tailored offer of services to build a UTM implementation roadmap aligned with (the) Thailand context,” says a Thales press release.

In 2023 Thaicom signed service agreement with Thailand’s Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GTSDA) government organisation to to establish a UTM communications network encompassing mobile networks and satellites, to comprehensively monitor the status and real-time location of every drone equipped with an identification system.

According to Thales: “As Thailand moves towards a future where drones will play a major role in various industries, a robust UTM system is crucial. By adopting the building blocks and best practices highlighted by Thales and drawing inspiration from successful international use cases, Thailand can pave the way for a seamless and secure integration of drones into its airspace. The Thales proposed roadmap will provide a structured approach to navigate the complexities of UTM implementation.”

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