GUTMA invites UTM service providers to join the US Shared Airspace implementation programme

The Global UTM Association (GUTMA) has announced the publication of open resources related to the US Shared Airspace Implementation programme, the industry-led strategic coordination effort supported by several GUTMA members, leveraging GUTMA Task Force efforts, for UTM service providers to share airspace management data.

According to a Linkedin post from the association:

“At the link, you can find valuable information, including templates and key resources on how to participate in a shared airspace in the US:

“….Building on ASTM F3548-21 Standard Specification for UAS Traffic Management (UTM) UAS Service Supplier (USS) Interoperability, our Task Force has developed a series of standards for data sharing, laying the foundation for seamless cooperation among USSPs worldwide.”

According to the project’s information page:

“Participation in the shared airspace ecosystem enables collaboration, communication, and governance of shared airspace, aiming to integrate strategic coordination services to enable dense, overlapping BVLOS operations. As a participant, you will be able to leverage shared operational and governance resources to develop, verify, and advance your approach to sharing the airspace. This is an opportunity to learn from collaborative efforts and participate in democratized foundations of a shared airspace.

“As a service provider, you can service operators by conveying digital intent and deconflicting flight paths. With revised FAA requirements for risk mitigation, and meeting industry-consensus standards, shared airspace offers a digital, transparent, and scalable process.

“The ecosystem is open to service providers and their operators. Providers of UTM services, including private and public entities and organizations, are eligible and encouraged to join this agreement. Here are the steps and gate milestones to getting started:

“Following the momentum around scaled UAS services, particularly around drone delivery, in the greater North Texas area in late 2023 and early 2024, several operators noted the inherent need to communicate amongst each other. Prior FAA and NASA projects like the UTM Field TestUTM Pilot Program, UTM Technical Capability Levels, and other efforts had already provided frameworks for deploying strategic coordination services in an operational environment.

“Understanding the need to share airspace amongst scaled operations and leverage applicable standards, seven operators engaged in a project to operationalize strategic conflict detection in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including DroneUp, Flytrex, Manna, Prime Air, UPS Flight Forward, Wing, and Zipline, with ANRA Technologies as a service provider. Initial activities are coordinated by the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership and leverage contributions from Global UTM Association (GUTMA) and the InterUSS Platform. The effort is applicable to UTM across the US.”

Once participants have logged on to the portal, UTM service providers and their operators can participate via key documents, which include onboarding instructions, available below:

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