G3AM, a “world first” AAM standards-sharing association, launches in Korea

The “world’s first” international fact standardisation organisation for advanced air mobility (AAM), the Global Association for Advanced Air Mobility (G3AM), has been officially launched today in Korea. According to the IT Chosun news website:

“The G3AM launch ceremony was held on the 14th at the conference hall on the 31st floor of Lotte World Tower in Songpa-gu, Seoul, hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT, hosted by G3AM, and sponsored by the Korea Telecommunication Technology Association (TTA). Guests included, John Curl Walker, chairman of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC20/SC16 Unmanned aircraft systems)….

“Fact standardization organizations, including G3AM, bring together the industry and carry out activities to establish standards that meet market needs. If a specific company’s technology becomes the de facto standard, the company that developed that technology will lead the industry. This is because industry members must use fact-standard technology.

G3AM emphasizes that it is important to secure international standards for interoperability, reliability, and sustainability as AAM applies various technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile communications. G3AM also believed that now is the right time to take the lead in international standards as the AAM industry ecosystem is just being formed.

Geum-sik Yoo, Vice Chairman of G3AM and Deputy Director of IAM Business Division at Korea Airports Corporation, said: “The core standards for complex AAM are information sharing system; traffic management and operation control; essential navigation performance for performance-based navigation; communication navigation surveillance and vertical takeoff and landing aerodrome (vertiport). ), etc., infrastructure; surveillance information verification, etc. were selected.”

G3AM comprises 63 Korean companies related to AAM, including Korean Air, Incheon International Airport Corporation, Fine VT Robotics, Hanwha Systems, Korea Airports Corporation, Hyundai Motor Company, SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+, as well as One Sky (USA), Skyports (UK), Padina Group (USA), and Anra Technologies (USA) are participating organizations.

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