“Global remote ID of drones now viable via Iridium satellite services-” RelmaTech

Multiple press sources report that UK spatial management technology company RelmaTech has announced that global identification and tracking of all flying and moving objects is technically and commercially viable via satellite based communications,

RelmaTech has recently been trialling the integration of Iridium’s recent-release new format, ultra-compact satellite modem services into its Secure Integrated Airspace Management (SIAM) solution and the trials have been successful, according to the company. The cloud-based SIAM incorporates compact, light-weight, low power modules deployable into all types of UAS, to provide a communications network to support all operational needs for managing large fleets of UAV/UAS over national and continental areas. According to the press reports, all UAS flown in the recent NASA UTM TCL4 program in Reno, Nevada was fitted with a SIAM module that provided continuous real-time UAS remote ID and tracking information over the cellular network and by WiFi direct broadcast.

”We were able to load our SIAM software engines relatively easily onto the new Iridium units,” Philip Hall, RelmaTech’s Founder and CEO was quoted as saying.“The Iridium module is configured for highly flexible access to the satellite comms link, enabling us to develop a fully working demonstration of SIAM over satellite internet. Even more exciting is that this paves the way for all our additional datalink services to be available over the same system.”

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