USAF seeks US contractor to provide USD490 million C-UAS command and control management system

The US Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate, Rome NY (AFRL/RI) has updated its requirement provide a focused yet flexible, rapid, agile contracting vehicle between Air Force Research Laboratory, its Products Centers, and the Operational Community to support rapid research, development, prototyping, demonstration, evaluation, and transition of Counter small Unmanned Aircraft System (C-sUAS) capabilities.  These capabilities are to be used in combating Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)—and others leveraging COTS technology—presently being used by our adversaries in asymmetric warfare against U.S. military personnel and materiel.  Emphasis will be placed on:

a) development of technology capability solutions that address specific user requirements

b) delivery of prototype technologies for evaluation and feedback in the context of the user’s operational environment; and

c) provision of a mechanism for user acquisition of limited product quantities required for operational introduction of technologies.

The objective of this effort is to research, design, prototype, test, evaluate, operationally evaluate and repeat as needed to provide efficient/automated C2, RF and interceptor technologies. Emphasis shall be placed on:

a) Optimization and automation of C2 for on the move control of C-sUAS sub systems.

b) RF effects that limit Spectral fratricide and are effective.

c) sUAS interceptors that can operate in populated areas and dynamically adapt to approved, nuisance and nefarious sUAS operating in the area.

d) Prototype, test, evaluate, demonstrate and operationally assess complete systems that address a, b and c.

The scope of this effort is to perform R&D, Test and Evaluation of all technologies needed to accomplish the order objective. Discovery, concept development, modelling and simulation (M&S), technology maturation, rapid prototyping, developmental test & evaluation, field assessment, operational evaluation and productization are all within scope of this task.

Anticipated deliverables include software, hardware, technical documentation and technical reports.

For the aforementioned requirements, the Government anticipates a single award Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) research and development (R&D) contract with Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee Completion (CPFF/C) Task Orders, an ordering period of seventy-two (72) months, and a maximum ordering amount of approximately USD490,000,000.

A Draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for this effort is anticipated to be released during the 1st quarter of CY 2020.  Potential Offerors will be encouraged to review and comment on the Draft RFP, including the Statement of Work (SOW) and Sections L and M.  Please monitor this notice for updates.

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