Farnborough 2022: Project HEART Phase 3 selected in UK Government funding programme

Among projects funded by the UK Research and Innovation Future Flight Challenge GBP73 programme (see news item) announced at Farnborough 2022, Project HEART Phase 3 has received GBP10 million grant to continue  development of technological, operational and sociological innovations started within Project HEART Phase 2 under the Future Flight programme.

According to project lead Blue Bear, Project HEART Phase 3 will bring to life the future business model of highly automated, carbon reduced sub-regional aviation that is cost-effective, safe, reliable and commercially viable by integrating multi-disciplinary innovations from the consortium. Flight trials, technological demonstrations, operational simulations, public engagement and publication will demonstrate how the integrated capability will serve the public.

Project HEART assembles a consortium that brings together world leaders in Aircraft Automation, BVLOS operations, Hydrogen-electric Powertrain integration, Hydrogen fuel Infrastructure, Quantum Key Security providers, Infrastructure Architects and Universities with operational airlines, airports, digital airport and aviation service providers.

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