“FAA targets 2021 for launch of drone remote ID service” – Avionics International

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning to have remote ID service for drones operational in 2021, according to documents viewed by Avionics International, following the award in early May of an FAA contract to eight “cohort” companies to assist the FAA in developing technology requirements for the service (https://www.unmannedairspace.info/latest-news-and-information/us-confirms-eight-companies-to-frame-requirements-for-future-remote-id-technology/).

Documents obtained by Avionics International suggest that the original plans to create a “baseline stream” of data automatically flowing to FAA servers have been shelved “in favour of a Discovery and Synchronization Service (DSS) defined in the remote ID standard published by ASTM International. Rather than a nationwide unmanned traffic management system, it appears the FAA, along with other qualified agencies and public-facing apps, would query flight information through the DSS from participating USSs based on a grid system.”

Avionics International then reports that the cohort is looking a remote ID information update rate of “at least once per minute.”

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(Image: FAA)

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