US Navy seeks counter-UAS 40mm grenade-based ammunition

The  US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane, IN has issued a request for information (RFI) from industry  as part of market research to determine if sources have 40mm grenades (any variant) “for use in counter unmanned aerial system that has low collateral damage and limited range (collateral damage measured inside the surface danger zone of typical M855 cartridge (maximum range 3,600 meters) or has the capability to program the range into the munition).

“The type of technologies NSWC Crane is looking for, but not limited too, are:

  • Airbursting
  • Short Range or Reduce Range Ammunition
  • Shotshell, either as the projectiles or as fragments
  • Ammunition using nets as the payload
  • High Fragmenting Ammunition
  • Ammunition using explosive powder payloads
  • “NSWC Crane is looking for only 40mm grenade ammunition. At a minimum, the following information needs to be addressed in response to the RFI:

Description of the cartridge

  • Cartridge construction
  • List of energetics
  • Nominal overall dimensions
  • Cutaways and pictures of munition, if applicable
  • Dispersion data, if applicable
  • Basic Projectile Dimensions (i.e. weight, length, diameter)
  • Any pertinent testing data showing projectile’s ability, if applicable i.e. simulated or tested maximum range data
  • If the munition is programmable, discuss how it works or functionality. Type of Fire Control required or any other equipment needed to use the round.
  • If the unit has a fuze, describe how the fuze functions and main components (cutaways would be beneficial)
  • If you are working with another DOD entity on this type of application
  • State who that group is
  • Provide a POC

Budgetary cost estimate for:

  • Ammunition
  • Fire Control, if applicable
  • Lead time/delivery schedule
  • Availability

Contract number: N0016420SNB58

Deadline: 5 June 2020

Responsible authority: The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane, IN.

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