European URClearED research project begins five days of testing detect and avoid technology

The SESAR research project URClearED that aims to prevent conflict situations has started five days of real-time simulations on Remain-Well-Clear (RWC) impact. In this first round of real-time simulations, conducted at CIRA and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), URClearED will investigate the impact of the Remain Well Clear instrument on airspace classes D, E and G operations.

The focus is on measuring and assessing the human performance impacts both on pilots and controllers, the safety implications and the suitability of all the technical requirements and their implementation.

The EU-funded URClearED project builds on current research into a detect-and-avoid (DAA) system like that of the RWC. It defines and analyses operational scenarios that are suitable for integration of an IFR RPAS into Class D-G airspace by considering current requirements and assumptions as defined in the EUROCAE OSED.

The project focuses on advancing a full RWC functionality of a DAA system that supports estimation for the operational conditions, defining scenarios for verification operations and implementing fast-time simulation and real-time simulation-human in the loop, which permits the analysis of such scenarios and the assessment of performance and safety requirements.

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