European partners launch HAI-INT project to support automation of medical drone operations

European partners Helicus, Aerocom Belgium, Avercon, EuroUSC-Benelux and NSX-Normalised Systems have launched the Helicus Aero Initiative Integration project, HAI-INT. The partners agreed to invest EUR3.077.505 in the project, and are targeting deadline end 2024 and advisory board members include Croix-Rouge, ZNA, GZA, Skeyes, Eurocae and AQE. The project has a double goal:

  • to prototype a Drone Cargo Port, a machine that not only stores drones and cargo, but also automates all drone and package handling before and after a flight, guarantees mission readiness and ensures the integration with hospital logistics. With the ability to handle different types of drones and packages, this machine promises more flexibility than the current existing ‘drone in a box’ applications where cargo handling is often missing and only one type of drone can be hosted.
    2) to develop a new software standard for applications for unmanned aviation. While software standards in manned aviation have become an obviousness, a standard for unmanned aviation is non-existing today. The consortium will build upon on the Air Navigation Service (ANS) Standard for manned aviation to fill in this void. The Helicus Drone Fleet Management System is developed in line with this new standard concept.

The initiative is directed towards automating the complete process for a (medical) drone flight. It aims to support development of two components: Fully automated manipulations of drone ànd cargo, and implementation of a worldwide accepted software standard for drone-based applications to guarantee safe automated operations.

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