ClearSpace creates US subsidiary, expands orbital debris removal activities beyond Europe

Space technology company ClearSpace US is expanding into the US market through its subsidiary ClearSpace Today Inc. In 2020, the European Space Agency awarded ClearSpace a USD100 million prime contract million to develop and conduct the first orbital debris removal mission, called ClearSpace-1, and with Intelsat to extend the life of a satellite in geosynchronous orbit.

The technologies developed and refined for those missions will serve as foundational capabilities and will be expanded to support the portfolio of services ClearSpace intends to offer to US customers in both public and private sectors. With the support of US partners, ClearSpace plans to expand its service offerings to not only include spacecraft disposal and life extension, but also in-space transport, inspection, assembly, manufacturing, repair, and recycling, says ClearSpace.

(Image: Artistic impression of the ClearSpace-1 servicer approaching the VESPA payload adapter in the world’s first active debris removal mission, commissioned by the ESA. ClearSpace)

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