US government agencies select DroneShield handheld counter measures in USD2.2m sales

The US Department of Defense (DoD) and another US federal government agency have placed two orders totalling approximately USD2.2million for number of DroneShield’s handheld counter drone systems, including the recently launched DroneGun Mk4 portable drone counter measure product. Payments for both orders are expected in 3Q23, following delivery. The full order includes an upfront product purchase and SaaS elements.
DroneShield’s U.S. CEO, Matt McCrann commented: “As the C-UAS market continues to rapidly grow, fuelled by use of drones in Ukraine and evolution of drone technology in warfare, DroneShield is seeing record demand for its solutions. We are pleased to be working with these leading government customers as they commence to build out their C-UAS capability.”

Image: (DroneGun Mk4)

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