Eurocontrol hosts webinar on integrating Higher Airspace Operations, 13 October

Eurocontrol is hosting an informed discussion on Higher Airspace Operations (HAO) on 13 October 14.30-15.30 CEST in the form of a stakeholder forum strategic webinar.

The webinar will discuss what needs to be done to safely accommodate the growing higher airspace operations (HAO) industry, as well as put in place proper coordination mechanisms between air traffic management (ATM) and space traffic management.

Over the last decade, a wide range of new and future vehicles looking to operate in higher airspace – the region between the airspace used by conventional aircraft, and the beginning of space – have started to emerge.

From slow-moving unmanned balloons, airships and high-altitude long-endurance aircraft (HAPS, High Altitude Platform Systems) to fast-moving supersonic and hypersonic aircraft, or trans-atmospheric and suborbital vehicles, the field of HAO is being boosted by technological innovation as operators look to exploit new commercial opportunities. In addition, there is the challenge of commercial and State space operations, which also transit through higher airspace when launching, and when returning to Earth.

Managing this airspace user mix comprising unmanned, piloted, fast and slow-moving vehicles requires a robust operational and regulatory framework. An expert panel from across the higher airspace operations value chain includes the following:

Marco Caporicci, ESA Head of the Transportation and Re-entry Systems Division

Giovanni Di Antonio, ENAC Director Technology Innovation

Dragos Tonea, Eurocontrol Head of iNEO – Integration of New Entrants in the European ATM Network Operations & SESAR ECHO2 Project Manager.

Philip Huges, Eurocontrol Head of European Aviation Plans, Cooperation & Stakeholder support, will moderate the webinar.

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