UK launches third round of funding to support airspace modernisation projects

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched a third round of its GBP2 million funding to help support airspace modernisation projects across the United Kingdom.

The Airspace Modernisation Support Fund (ASF) is part of the regulator’s work in setting out a vision for the future of UK airspace, which will help deliver quicker, quieter and cleaner journeys.

The regulator is keen to see applications from industry that can assist in advancing developments on the scalable integration of diverse users, new entrants and the future integration of air traffic.

This is the final call for applications for 2023 and so far the UK Civil Aviation Authority has supported nine organisations to further work that will contribute towards airspace modernisation.

One company, Skyverse received funding to run a project to look into the digitisation of flight data for Air Traffic Services.

Other successful applicants to previous fund allocations have also included organisations looking into the interoperability of electronic conspicuity systems, improving Flight Information Display documentation, and research towards distribution of aircraft noise.

The Fund – which amounts to GBP2 million annually – gives the opportunity for organisations to seek financial support that cannot be funded by other means.

Eligible projects must support the ambitions of the Airspace Modernisation Strategy and be from organisations actively engaged in modernising UK airspace.

Mike Bramworth, Skyverse CEO said: “The Airspace Modernisation Support Fund enabled us to prototype how to digitally integrate General Aviation movements into the wider aviation network in pursuit of safer and more efficient skies. This is another step towards revolutionising Air Traffic Services, and therefore working towards modernising the UK’s airspace.”

The call for applications is open from 2 October 2023 until 6 November 2023. This is the final call for proposals in 2023, with further funding expected to be made available in 2024.

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