ENAIRE coordinates U-ELCOME U-space demonstrations in Spain

Drone flights in the Spanish port of A Coruña carried out real deliveries as one of eight projects taking place across the country to demonstrate real-life operations under the European U-ELCOME research project spanning three countries.

The headquarters of the Instituto Tecnológico Galego (ITG) is where ENAIRE presented the goals of the U-ELCOME project and the Spanish cluster to guarantee routine commercial operations with drones in Europe by 2026.

The U-ELCOME European project, led by Eurocontrol, consists of three clusters grouping Spain, Italy and France, with the aim of implementing U-space in a harmonised way in Europe. ENAIRE is the coordinator of the national cluster, which has eight locations in Spain.

These include the distribution of goods and parcels, emergency assistance, rescues, surveillance and inspection, distribution of medical materials and first aid operations.

U-ELCOME has a budget of 14 million financed with CEF funds, through the CINEA agency and under the public-private SESAR 3 alliance.

The execution period for U-ELCOME lasts through October 2025 to implement and deploy U-space in a way that allows for the actual application of the cases mentioned, and that is also helpful to regulatory and standards bodies through the lessons learned and the results obtained over the course of the project.

(Image: Jaime Ropero, ENAIRE)

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