ENAIRE wins EU grant to research demand/capacity drone traffic balancing

The European Commission has selected seven ENAIRE projects in connection with the SESAR Exploratory Research technological research program to advance in the Single Sky, including the DACUS programme which researches services to balance capacity and demand in drone traffic. Tools with predictions based on Artificial Intelligence of demand are integrated.

ENAIRE participates in this proposal under the leadership of CRIDA, together with EUROCONTROL, Boeing Research & Technology Europe SLU, ISA Software Limited (ISA), Engineering and Transport Economics (INECO), Jeppesen GmbH (JEPP), University of Darmstadt (TUDA) , Sopra Steria Group (SSG), Toulouse Metropole (TM) and AHA (Netgengid ehf).

All projects will be executed in a period of 30 months, and those concepts investigated that provide the most promising results will be considered for subsequent phases of research and development, both within the SESAR program and within the framework of Horizon Europe.

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