ENAIRE coordinates unmanned PREDATOR flights involving civil and military control

Spanish air navigation service provider ENAIRE is coordinating unmanned flights of the PREDATOR military reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence system with the Air Force in a pioneering programme. The system is headquartered at the Talavera la Real Air Base in Badajoz.

PREDATOR missions require complex coordination between ENAIRE departments and military units in order to set up operational conditions that minimise the impact on the general air traffic, integrate and enable these operations anywhere in Spanish airspace.

ENAIRE and the Air Force are coordinating in order to set up corridors, activation periods, vertical limits and work areas for the system in a way that is safe, efficient and sustainable. Also being coordinated are the potential modifications to the normal operating procedures of air traffic controllers and, depending on this, the need to conduct, or not, the corresponding safety analyses.

PREDATOR missions entail long-duration flights, lasting as long as 24 hours, at altitudes as high as 15,000 metres. This initial phase involves test and training flights.

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