Enac issues first light UAS certificate (LUC) for Italian operator, FlyingBasket

Italy’s national civil aviation authority Enac has issued the first Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC) to an Italian operator. The company, FlyingBasket, is a start-up that is also the first national UAS operator to have carried out cross-border operations in Europe, says the Enac press release.

Operations carried out with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are a constantly expanding sector, with a continuous increase in possible applications also thanks to the support of new technologies available today.

Enac is committed to the dissemination of national practices and skills in international contexts and the publication of the National Strategic Plan on Advanced Air Mobility aimed at implementing a strategy open to technological innovation aimed at creating an ecosystem capable of integrate new types of services for the territories and for citizens.

Enac General Director Alessio Quaranta said: “The issuing of this first LUC certificate to a national operator confirms the importance of the services introduced by innovative air mobility. Enac has always paid particular attention to unmanned aircraft on board, cooperating with ICAO and EASA for the development of the regulatory framework for UAS, in order to encourage the growth of the sector and their integration safe in airspace.”

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