“Efficient route planning key to urban airspace management planning” – SIAM cluster

Efficient routes that minimize environmental impact and improve urban mobility are one of the core requirements of an integrated urban air mobility traffic management system, according to participants at the May 17 Spain Innovative Air Mobility (SIAM) cluster, held at the NTT DATA offices in Madrid.

This event brought together industry experts, key companies and regulatory entities to discuss and plan the future of vertiports, a crucial component in urban air mobility. Other key conclusions were:

  • The importance of integrating vertiports with airspace and other actors in the urban environment.
  • Different operational management models that ensure a sustainable and coordinated operation.
  • Implementation of advanced technological solutions for the safe management of airspace.
  • Operational security and AVSEC measures to mitigate risks and ensure public trust.

According to a SIAM Cluster website report of proceedings, the routes and characteristics of the operations that will be carried out at the vertiports were discussed, highlighting the need to design efficient routes that minimize the environmental impact and improve urban mobility. Another challenge is the integration of vertiports with the existing airspace and urban environment; solutions were proposed to coordinate with helicopters, drones and other actors, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

“Different operational management models for vertiports were analyzed,” said the report. “The discussion focused on how to efficiently coordinate the different operators and ensure sustainable operation. Two approaches stood out: one driven by public organizations and the other by high prices that certain segments of the population can pay, especially in services with a social good such as emergencies and urgent logistics.”

This was the third SIAM Cluster Workshop. The organisation’s goal is to drive the new era of air mobility , focusing on the transportation of passengers and cargo with electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.

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(Image: SIAM Cluster)

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