DroneUp links with Spleenlab to integrate autonomous precise landing drone capabilities

DroneUp and AI-based software company Spleenlab have announced the testing of new precise drone landing technology.

“Initial testing consists of the Safe Precise Landing Software, which is an important building block for safe and autonomous delivery and landing by drone, “ according to Spleenlab. “This collaboration started approximately one year ago and has included onsite testing and integration into the DroneUp fleet.”

During the practical flight tests, various safety scenarios were run through. The so-called “Vertical Clearance” function was tested during package delivery and the landing process, say the companies. The safety approach of Spleenlab’s VISIONAIRY® Software is a key part of the operator-free drone delivery process. “The modular approach involves different sensors such as camera and LiDAR to check whether there are static or dynamic objects in the landing or descending area of the package. If the area is clear, the package to be delivered can then be roped down,” say the companies. “From a height of approximately 100 feet, package rappelling and additionally Safe Precise Landing were tested. Initial integration testing was successful and the partners are continuing the evaluation of the system.”

The VISIONAIRY® software suite also includes Detect & Avoid, GPS-Denied (SLAM), Collision Avoidance and many more that are planned to be successively included to the Drone Up Fleet.

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