DroneMatrix receives approval under EU drone regulations for fully remote operations

The DroneMatrix YACOB drone-in-a-box has received approval under general EU drone regulations to deploy its automatic solution for fully remote operations.

The drone-in-a-box carries out missions such as surveillance patrol, inspection, mapping and logistics. With this approval, there is no longer any need for a local pilot or visual observer on site – eliminating costly one-drone one-pilot operations and unlocking the future of remote drone fleet operations from a one-pilot, 20+ drone perspective, says the company.

The approval enables first fully remote inspection and monitoring flights under the Nordic Unmanned LUC will mark the first automatic beyond line-of-sight drone operations performed under a European LUC certificate.

DroneMatrix is a Belgian drone technology company that focuses on the development and application of autonomous drone applications.  The automatic drone is part of a drone network which can remotely depart independently out of a docking station and perform the flight himself, the customer can purchase the drone as a service.

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