Drone night flights now possible via LAANC approved suppliers” – FAA announcement

Drone pilots with current Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificates may now obtain near real-time authorizations to fly at night through Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved providers of Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) services, according to an FAA press release of September 30.

“LAANC is an automated system for drone pilots requesting to fly below 400 feet in controlled airspace often found around airports. Drone pilots need FAA approval prior to flying in controlled airspace,” said the statement. “In addition to the near real-time night authorizations, drone pilots will have more areas they can fly in since the FAA has divided the airspace into smaller segments.

“Since April 2021, while LAANC providers updated their software, Part 107 pilots were able to operate in controlled airspace at night with a valid LAANC daytime authorization and an authorization letter from the FAA which expires on September 30. Today’s announcement provides a permanent solution for Part 107 drone pilots to operate in controlled airspace at night.

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