Drone Logistics Ecosystem welcomes Polish drone delivery equipment provider UAVLAS

Drone delivery equipment provider UAVLAS is the latest company to join Drone Logistics Ecosystem, the global/virtual network of companies, universities, public/governments, and investors operating in the drone logistics industry.

UAVLAS was founded in 2019. It is a research and development company that deals with UAV developments. Its know-how and patented technology is designed to support reliable and safe UAV solutions. UAVLAS offers a range of landing assistance products, that use advanced algorithms and sensors to provide accurate positioning and guidance for UAVs during the landing process. Landing systems are suitable for various UAV applications, including military, industrial, and commercial use cases. Additionally, UAVLAS provides related services such as installation, training, and maintenance of their landing assistance systems.

One of the products is a system for precision landing of drones. With no camera on board, the technology operates in direct sunlight, darkness, and withstands vibration. The company is actively expanding its partnerships. Currently, UAVLAS is an official partner of Ardupilot.

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