Cranfield Airport to deploy Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM platform

Altitude Angel is to deploy its GuardianUTM technology platform at Cranfield Global Research Airport in the UK in collaboration with Cranfield Airport Operations Limited. Research institutes, students and private enterprises will evaluate the platform in a rich traffic environment. GuardianUTM O/S will be deployed in Cranfield’s digital tower. The joint initiative allows key stakeholders to interface via Altitude Angel’s APIs and request flight authorisations digitally.

Cranfield University has its own airport and Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) and undertakes aerospace research to address the challenges of digital aviation and rethink the airports, airlines, airspace management and aircraft of the future.

David Walters, Altitude Angel, Head of Strategic Programmes, said: “Cranfield Global Research Airport is one of the institutions leading the world in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, so combined with Altitude Angel’s world leading GuardianUTM platform, we’ll be able to demonstrate how routine drone operations can be safely and securely carried out within a real-life airport environment.”

Robert Abbott, Cranfield Airport, Director of Aviation Operations, added: “In Altitude Angel Cranfield Airport can partner with the provider of a leading UTM platform in order to evaluate a system in a unique and traffic rich airspace environment. In harmony with the capability the Remote Tower gives us, GuardianUTM is an ideal and vital information tool as we support research on behalf of the University and its partners.”

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