CORUS-XUAM final workshop, 29-30 March, agenda now available with online link

The SESAR CORUS-XUAM Very Large Demonstration (VLD) project is organising the Final Workshop kindly hosted by Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale (DTA) to present the outcomes of six VLDs conducted in various European countries and the consolidated U-space ConOps developed jointly with all relevant SESAR2020 U-space related projects and in close coordination with the SESAR 3 JU U-space ConOps Coordination Cell.

View the agenda here

The workshop will provide participants with a overview of the activities and results of the U-space/UAM very large-scale demonstrations conducted in 2022 by SkeyDrone, Droniq/NATS/Volocopter, ENAV/Pipistrel, ENAIRE, LFV, Aeroport de Paris and all other involved partners at six locations in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and France.

Remote attendance also available via Teams.

Date and location: 29-30 March, 2023 Politecnico di Bari Conference Room, Via Amendola n. 126/B – Bari, Italy

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