China “adopts new regulations on UAS operations, security and industrial development”

The TellerReport, quoting the Xinhua New Agency,  says that during the meeting of the State Council of April 7 China’s Premier Li Qiang “deliberated and adopted the “Interim Regulations on the Management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight (Draft).”

According to the report:

“The meeting deliberated on the Interim Regulations on the Flight Management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Draft). The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to fully implement the overall national security concept, coordinate development and safety, take the implementation of the Regulations as an opportunity to regulate unmanned aerial vehicle flight and related activities, actively promote the sustainable and healthy development of related industries, and effectively safeguard aviation safety, public safety and national security. Adhere to safety-oriented, focus on the whole chain of production and sales, assembly and modification, registration and identification, personnel qualifications, operation monitoring, etc., accelerate the improvement of supervision systems and mechanisms, improve supervision service platforms, improve supervision service capabilities, and ensure safe and orderly flight activities. Adhere to innovation-driven development, vigorously promote key core technology research, accelerate the construction of an independent and controllable, safe and reliable industrial chain and supply chain, promote technology integration and innovation, enrich application scenarios, improve industrial ecology, and better promote the high-quality development of related industries.”

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(Image: Shutterstock – Meituan’s delivery drone is on display at the Meituan booth during the Global Digital Economy Conference 2022 at the China National Convention Center)

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