US DHS asks for industry feedback on counter-small UAS kinetic mitigation capabilities

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Procurement Operations (OPO) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) on behalf of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), Office of Mission and Capability Support (MCS) for industry feedback into its market research into kinetic mitigation capabilities for countering small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS).  Results of this RFI will support two kinetic mitigation demonstrations scheduled for the summer of 2023 and summer 2024.

Deadline for responses is May 5, 2023.

“The purpose of this request is to collect and evaluate the current state of the market for kinetic mitigation systems of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) which minimize collateral effects,” according to the tender text.

“Research, test and evaluation, and operational evaluations of the counter-UAS (C-UAS) response chain (detect, track, identify, and mitigate) has informed the Department and operational Components of operational deficiencies and capability gaps in managing and responding to UAS operations. DHS Components already have needs for kinetic C-UAS operations, and those requirements are likely to increase as the threat from UASs evolve. This effort is designed to expand our knowledge of kinetic mitigation technologies and collateral effects. The primary DHS outcomes are to develop an understanding of current C-UAS kinetic mitigation capabilities, the inherent risks of using kinetic capabilities, and potential damage that may result from its use….

“This RFI will be used to invite select capabilities to participate in two DHS funded sUAS
mitigation demonstrations. The demonstrations will focus on the following:
– Kinetic mitigation of Group 1 (0-20 lbs.) and Group 2 (21-55 lbs.) UASs.
– Develop scenarios or use cases in which kinetic mitigation could be used.
– Identify potential scenarios and outcomes from kinetic mitigation usage.
– Develop a methodology to measure and assess collateral effects.
– Establish and define risks of kinetic mitigation in the homeland security mission

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