CargoTron joins Drone Logistics Ecosystem, targets middle/last mile B2B delivery services

Manufacturer of delivery drones, CargoTron, is the latest company to join Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) network of drone logistics organizations. CargoTron is working on development of a drone platform specifically used in the middle/last mile B2B delivery services. DLE is supporting engagement of other members to collaborate with CargoTron and support similar startups. CargoTron launched the PD250 in April this year, a remotely piloted, one-tonne, hybrid eVTOL that can deliver a 250 kg payload over 600 km. Primary use case of PD250 is B2B express/less than truck load parcel deliveries overcoming constraints in ground transportation and congestion.

Equipped with down-folding wings, the PD250 is designed to take-off/land in loading areas, car parks etc. Other use cases include delivery of humanitarian aid, emergency cargo, equipment to offshore/wind farm vertiports plus para-military and military tasks. Customers have identified benefits to transport different volumes and types of cargo such as general B2B supplies, refrigerated medical aid, and maintenance equipment to remote zones not easily accessible and at low cost.

EVTOL cargo drones are slowly overtaking demand from passenger versions. Remotely piloted cargo drones are becoming increasingly popular, both Deloitte and SMG project cargo drones taking a greater share of the eVTOL market from 2025-2030. PD250’s standard cargo-pod is designed to house two half-size Euro-palettes with up to 250 kg payload. In parallel to that PD250 can carry customized cargo-pods to accommodate refrigerated or bulk cargo,” said Ross Kelly, CargoTron CEO.

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