AUSA 2023: consortium launches C-UAS semi-autonomous platform

HDT Global, Leonardo DRS and Smart Shooter have joined forces to offer a new lower-tier counter-drone systems at AUSA in Washington, DC, this week.

Based on HDT Global’s Hunter WOLF (Wheeled Off-road Logistics Follower) 6-wheeled UGV, The system consists of a turreted infantry rifle with an optimised smart sight from Smart Shooter – the Smash Hopper and Smash 2000-series computerised optic – and an RPS42 radar from the Leonardo DRS Multi-Mission Hemispheric (MMH) family.

At the heart of the system’s capability lies the optic which, in the turreted variant, is operated via tablet-style controller. Smart Shooter believes the system to be particularly well-suited to the lower-end C-UAS role, given its ability to acquire and lock-on to small moving targets. The addition of the radar extends the detection range to in excess of 30 kilometres, dependent on the size and activity of the target aircraft, among other factors.

As a semi-autonomous platform, the Hunter WOLF/Smartshooter/Leonardo combination offers flexible response, advanced detect and engage capabilities and a high degree of interoperability. An onboard generator lends itself to protracted operations with the range of sensors and systems on board, and facilitating running in silent mode for extended periods. The ability to counter small, low, but threatening drones will be an increasing attractor for a wide variety of military and security agencies for the foreseeable future.

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(Image: the Hunter WOLF-based UGV embodies best-of-breed solutions from all three principals. Credit: Smart Shooter)

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