Canadian Drone Operations is latest member to join Drone Logistics Ecosystem

Canadian Drone Operations (CDO) is the latest member to join Drone Logistics Ecosystem, says the association of private and public entities working together to support common standards in the drone logistics industry.

CDO is a drone use-case development company that supports the development of the concept of operations, the production of hardware solutions and the testing of drone-based solutions. Currently, the CDO team is working with golf courses to develop a drone delivery system for golfers on the go.

Founders Mohammed Abu-shaaaban and Zainab Badawi said: We see drone delivery bridging the gap between customers and businesses. We expect to see all types of UAVs playing a vital role in the management of logistics, in the automation of services and in the reduction of the typical bottom-line costs that businesses might experience when introducing a form of delivery service into their existing infrastructure. We see CDO exploring a multitude of use-cases for which an automated drone service may be substituted into an existing framework and developing improved efficiency models for customers to encourage the adoption of this unmanned technology. This vision, that we’ve set for CDO, cannot be achieved without its challenges. For this reason, we believe that it is essential to join DLE to begin networking with the many like-minded companies in this ecosystem. DLE provides us with a network of companies with similar ambitions working to usher in this era of automated aerial logistics into the worldwide market. We seek to benefit from and contribute to this ecosystem. There is no question that the first step to introducing relatively new technology to the mainstream market is the requirement for regulation and standardisation. This is what AirGo brings to the table. AirGo’s standardised DroneBox will help diminish the uncertainties that current UAV operators face with different payload sizes and weights. With the DroneBox, CDO operators will be able to manage the anticipated motion of the centre of gravity of each of our drones and implement cargo management systems that no other company has yet to introduce.”

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